Peel & Stick Wallplanks™

Achieve the aesthetic of wood wall paneling without the hassle, cost or stress with high-quality wood wall paneling from Be Outdoors. Outdoorsmen around the world love the natural outdoor look of Mossy Oak camo patterns. Now with Wallplanks, you can get that look indoors with real-wood wall paneling, without the need to call in a professional. Our high-quality, peel-and-stick shiplap Wallplanks come in 4 different Mossy Oak® Patterns. The wood paneling in this selection is made of real engineered hardwood, which is the same stuff used in high-end, durable interior floors. Engineered hardwood is as gorgeous and versatile as solid hardwood yet features a thick inner core that makes it even more durable and resistant to water. Our products are eco-friendly and American-made.

VacuuBond Application

Each Wallplank features a pre-applied, peel-and-stick VacuuBond adhesive with a subtle interlocking system that makes it easy to install using tools you already have. VacuuBond adhesive is a patented permanent adhesive that is applied directly onto the back of Wallplanks. An innovative application method creates a vacuuming suction when pressure is applied to the Wallplanks during installation. This suction enhances the bond strength in addition to the adhesive. A single wax release paper is used to protect the adhesive surface making the installation process quick and easy.

Mossy Oak Wallplank Patterns

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Big Game Hunter

Mossy Oak / Break Up Country

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Turkey Hunter

Mossy Oak / Obsession

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Duck Hunter

Mossy Oak / Shadow Grass - Blades

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Water World

Mossy Oak / Elements - Agua